Monday, 13 September 2010

Parody Sign, Beware Crocodiles

Parody Sign, Beware Crocodiles. This is for my Digital Design 1 Class. The reason I made this sign was because one of the teachers said he was chased by an crocodile, and I thought it would be funny to make this parody sign. To make this, I used photoshop by taking a crocodile sign and pasted it on photoshop. Then I put layers over the sign and put a diamond shape over it to fit the sign. Next I traced the crocodile and the guy by using magnetic lasso tool to get the shape and then filled it in with black paint. Finally I erased part of the guy's butt with erase tool, typed some text with the text tool, and made the original sign invisable by making its opacity 0%. I had trouble trying to make the crocodile with the magnetic lasso tool, but I was finally able to trace it. Truthfully I think I could make this better, by adding more to the crocodile and do something more to the guy as well.

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